How to Choose the Best Substitutions

When following a health plan it is hard to stick with it because what you think is healthy might not really be healthy. I have learned that instead of eating a Yukon gold potato have a sweet potato instead. Instead of rice try cauliflower rice. You will be surprised what you can find on Pinterest. Instead of using condiments try using spices. One it has zero-calories and it can help improve overall health. Pasta trying swapping with spaghetti squash or tofu shirataki noodles it may sound like yuck but it is extremely low in carbs. Sour cream is another thing we love instead try non-fat greek yogurt. You can also swap canola oil for non-fat greek yogurt. For a unique spread instead of mayonnaise try avocado its delicious . You can check out the other swaps down below if you click the picture it will take you to their site.


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