Fight Like A Girl


Fight Like a girl

Support Cancer Research, buy a Bracelet to Support the Cause

Pine Hill, NJ, July 31, 2016– Choose Hope, a company who provides inspirational and humorous products designed by cancer survivors for cancer survivors, has Fight Like a Girl teal bracelets available for purchase.

“Our fervent wish is to see this disease halted:  for us, for our families, our friends, and for you.  We welcome the day when a cure is found and we are put out of business!”- Choose Hope

Thirty percent of women are affected by PCOS symptoms, and according to the PCOS Nutrition, Women with PCOS have a higher incidence of gestational diabetes, miscarriages, preterm deliveries, and stillbirths.

Choose Hope uses its profits by selling bracelets, jewelry and clothes, to make a significant corporate donation to leading cancer research facilities, according to their website. The items that are purchased through Choose Hope goes to cancer research.  “There are many ways to “do good” in business. We seek to provide the cancer community with a wide selection of high quality goods coupled with excellent customer service. That’s a business objective, best served by the for-profit model.”

For more information about PCOS and recognizing symptoms, visit For more information on Choose Hope or to purchase a Fight Like a Girl bracelet, visit or call 888-348-4673.

About Choose Hope: Choose Hope is a for-profit company. Every month Choose Hope makes a sizable contribution to a leading cancer research facility. Choose Hope began humbly around a kitchen table in 1999. There were three of them, Chris, Paula, and Linda, making buttons and giving them away. Linda says, it was Chris’ “brainy idea” to turn their passion into a business!  They did just that. Choose Hope, Inc. took off and has grown consistently ever since.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Mia Titus at (856) 656-7555 or email at

Contact: Melissa Titus

Cell: (856) 656-7555




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