PCOS Awareness App

October is PCOS awareness month and my purpose is to get the word out to women about the cause. I am strongly connected to the PCOS Awareness Association. I was diagnosed with PCOS not to long ago. I would design a mobile app that is graphics driven and address what PCOS is and have the symptoms listed and an area to where if someone wanted to contact someone for more information an contact number or email. With internet nowadays email would be best to communicate back and forth but if not telephone would still be the best way to go.  I want to be able to keep the app simple not to outrageous with photos. Simple photos to describe what PCOS is and  what PCOS Awareness Association is about and a photo number and email address where someone may be able to reach the association with questions.

With the women ranging of all ages we want the app to be user friendly. Social Media tools that would be used would be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. I would take advantage of all the social media tools at my fingers tips to get the app and awareness out there. We want everyone woman to know that they aren’t alone.


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