Wednesday Workout

Do this circuit 2 times and 30 mins of cardio


Healthy Breakfast

Spinach and Eggs

1 Large Egg

1 Large Egg White

1/2 Cup spinach

1 dash turmeric

1 dash of pepper

1/2 teaspoon olive oil

Calories: 213

Cook spinach first add your butter, turmeric, and pepper. Next mix your egg and white, I add a little water to the eggs to make them fluffy. Once the spinach is cooked add your eggs let cook for three minutes you can then flip your eggs or you can put a lid on top so that the steam will cook the top of the eggs. Remove the eggs from the pan and top with either salsa, hot sauce or Tabasco sauce.

Getting back in the Groove

Since I’ve had my daughter back in August I haven’t been feeling like myself. The last two weeks I’ve changed some things around. I quit soda, anything with sugar I now substitute with light blue agave and started the plank challenge and lifting small weights it has helped me refocus with everything that is going on in my life. I’m a single parent raising my daughter by myself. But now I’m even stronger than ever.

Image courtesy of Influxr

It Works! Results

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