First Trimester symptoms can be a pain and most of us women struggle to get through. Here are some symptoms and some of the remedies that I used to conquer them.

Morning Sickness

I hate the feeling of being nauseas. I never once threw-up but I did have the constant feeling of feeling like I was going to puke. Morning sickness doesn’t necessarily happen specifically in the morning it can happen around the clock. You can confuse morning sickness with the flu, only if you are actually puking. I was around the clock nauseas. What you can do to help settle nausea and this helped me was Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Ritz crackers, Orange Ginger chews, Watermelon (because of the high water content), Sour hard candy, Mints, Powerade or sucking on Powerade ice cubes, and anything orange flavored. If your nausea is really severe talk to your doctor they can prescribe you a nausea medication. My doctor put me on Diclegis. It is pregnancy safe and doesn’t cross the placenta keeping baby safe.


Be prepared to be constantly exhausted. All I wanted to do is sleep even while at I was work. My suggestion to beat fatigued is making sure you get plenty of sleep. I have a Fitbit that tracks my sleep which is pretty awesome. I aim for 8 to 9 hours of sleep. If I go over that, I am even more exhausted.

Sore Breasts

Oh mylanta let me tell you as much as the girls get bigger as you get further along they do hurt a lot during the first trimester. The coco butter you bought for your stretching belly you might want to put that on the girls as well. It will help with less stretch marks on your breasts.

Horrible Smells

The smell of eggs use to drive me nuts. Even though I love a good scrambled egg but cooking them wow that smell. This is hard to really tame. But what helped me I would open windows when I would cook.