Second Trimester Tips


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Now that we have hit the second trimester things have definitely changed. You find that your boobs have gotten bigger, baby is growing and you should start feeling him or her by the end of the second trimester. I was feeling my daughter by week 21, the second trimester ends at about week 22. The one thing I regret doing was doing the lamaze classes every pregnant person I know I always tell them to sign up for a class if you can. I was in labor for 13 hours and it took me 2 hours to push my daughter out. I regret not taking that class because I think if I took I would have pushed her out in 30 mins. There are different classes that range from birthing, breastfeeding and much more the more you educate yourself the better especially if you’re a first time mom like me and didn’t know much of what to do. I was never expecting to be a mom due to PCOS so this pregnancy was a huge surprise. One of my favorite pregnancy books was What to Expect When Expecting. The book has a lot of good information regarding on pregnancy and the do’s and don’ts of what to and not do during your pregnancy.  Being fully educated during your pregnancy will help you make good informed decisions.


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