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Erratic appetite – when I would get hungry and mean hungry, I would eat almost everything I could. It felt like I was a bottomless pit. There were also day where I would just lose my appetite. I was under weight with my pregnancy I barely gained any weight like I was supposed to. And don’t get forget those strange cravings. At one point I craved nothing but summer pickles and peanut butter, it may be gross but to a pregnant woman it was great.

Clumsiness – I was already clumsy before my pregnancy but it just got worse as the pregnancy progressed.

Dizzy Spells – I was very dizzy especially when I went to stand up. My suggestion is if you’re laying down and you’re going to stand up get up slowly so it doesn’t hit you hard.

Lack of Sleep – I would have trouble falling asleep but now that my mind is constantly running about the pregnancy I would think about how good of parent I was going to be. I still don’t get much sleep since my daughter is teething but try get some z’s when your body is feeling it.