Isagenix Fresh Start Monday


So far today I am feeling pretty good. I started with the Isagenix Ionix Liquid and let me be honest here it was gross. I did 2 oz of it straight up. I so regret it. It definitely is a required taste to get used to. To be even more honest here I can really do with out it since I usually start my day with a shake. Now the Raspberry Cheesecake Shake, “OH MY!” it is so good. I add a few extra raspberries in there and it is amazing. I really do enjoy my coffee and I did order the Isagenix coffee to try out so I cannot not wait to try that. I am having a tangerine for my snack and another shake for lunch my dinner will consist of a roast with lots of veggies no potatoes for me though. Hope you all will continue with me in my weight loss journey with Isagenix. Only day 1 lets see how much I lose by the end of the week.

Motivational Monday


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Monday is a new day, new week. Time to set weekly goals. My goal is to drop 25 pounds by March. I think that is a realistic goal to start with. I can thank my friend Ashley with signing me to try ¬†Isagenix products to help accelerate my weight loss goals. I am not one for using products. I am one of those who will track her food, exercise and water intake to lose weight. But right now I need a boost that doesn’t have crap in it. So I am going to give it a shot when my products arrive on Wednesday. I will be documenting each week on the products and how I feel using them. Now I am getting the Healthy Lifestyle Pak. This contains 2 IsaLean Shakes, 1 Cleanse for life, 1 Ionix Supreme, 1 IsaDelight and Isalean Shake Raspberry Cheesecake Canister. (I love my sweets Thanks Ashley).¬† I am very excited to try these and to get a jump start on a healthy lifestyle. Check in with me daily for motivation and to see how I am doing with my progress.