Choose Your Hard

Losing Weight

I think I had done pretty well yesterday without caving into my sweet tooth. I have found that if I want it bad enough I need to stay committed. I have lost weight before by watching everything I ate and doing restricted calorie intake. Losing weight isn’t going to be easy it is going to be hard. You are going to want to cave in. Rise above it all and say to yourself that “I can and I will do this.” Say it 3 times in the mirror. If you feel like you need help you reach out to us here at Fitinny. I will help you with your goals. My goal is to lose at least 20 to 25 pounds by the end of March. So if you are with me reach out fitinny@outlook.comĀ 


Isagenix Fresh Start Monday


So far today I am feeling pretty good. I started with the Isagenix Ionix Liquid and let me be honest here it was gross. I did 2 oz of it straight up. I so regret it. It definitely is a required taste to get used to. To be even more honest here I can really do with out it since I usually start my day with a shake. Now the Raspberry Cheesecake Shake, “OH MY!” it is so good. I add a few extra raspberries in there and it is amazing. I really do enjoy my coffee and I did order the Isagenix coffee to try out so I cannot not wait to try that. I am having a tangerine for my snack and another shake for lunch my dinner will consist of a roast with lots of veggies no potatoes for me though. Hope you all will continue with me in my weight loss journey with Isagenix. Only day 1 lets see how much I lose by the end of the week.